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Colored High Temperature Lacquer Coated Aluminum Stockpot

Colored High Temperature Lacquer Coated Aluminum Stockpot Manufacturers

Suzhou Jiayi Kitchenware Technology Co., Ltd. is China Colored High Temperature Lacquer Coated Aluminum Stockpot Manufacturers and wholesale Colored High Temperature Lacquer Coated Aluminum Stockpot factory. The company was established in 1998 and is located in beautiful, rich and well-known Yangcheng Lake Industrial Zone, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. The company's workshop area is over 66,600 square meters. Now we have two production bases for aluminum and stainless steel cookware, owning world's advanced bonding and pressing equipment for aluminum and stainless steel products and advanced automatic surface treatment technology and equipment. It has automatic production lines for pressing, coating and assembly. It possesses strong technical force, sophisticated process equipment and has a group of high-quality technicians and QC personnel. It has independent product development capabilities. The degree of equipment automation is at an excellent level in the industry in China.

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The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system and BSCI, SGS, TUV, ROSH, FDA and other certifications.

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What is the primary motive of the usage of coloured excessive-temperature lacquer on aluminum stockpots?

Aesthetic Appeal: Colored lacquer can improve the visible aesthetics of the aluminum stockpots. It lets in producers to provide a variety of hues, finishes, and designs, making the products extra attractive to purchasers.
Corrosion Resistance: The lacquer coating can act as a protecting barrier against corrosion. Aluminum can corrode through the years, in particular whilst exposed to sure environments or materials. The lacquer facilitates to save you the metallic from coming into direct touch with corrosive factors, thereby extending the lifespan of the stockpot.
Temperature Resistance: High-temperature lacquer is specially formulated to face up to accelerated temperatures. This is particularly vital for cookware like stockpots, as they are regularly subjected to excessive warmth at some point of cooking. The lacquer enables keep the integrity of the coating even under intense heat.
Easy Cleaning: The lacquer coating could make the floor of the stockpot smoother and simpler to clean. This is useful in a kitchen environment wherein pots and pans are frequently used and want to be cleaned regularly.
Uniform Heat Distribution: Some high-temperature lacquers are designed to improve the warmth distribution residences of the cookware. This can make a contribution to greater even cooking and save you warm spots at the floor of the pot.

How does the coloring technique of the excessive-temperature lacquer coating take region on aluminum stockpots, and is it meals-safe?

Surface Preparation: The aluminum stockpots are very well cleaned and prepared to make sure that the floor is loose from contaminants including oils, grease, or any residues that might intervene with the coating.
Application of Lacquer: High-temperature lacquer, which is designed to resist the cooking temperatures of the stockpot, is carried out to the floor. This coating is regularly formulated to be long lasting and heat-resistant.
Curing or Drying: The coated aluminum stockpots are then subjected to a curing or drying system. This step is important to make sure that the lacquer adheres nicely to the surface and forms a durable, protective layer.
Heat Treatment: Some high-temperature lacquer coatings might also undergo a selected warmth remedy to enhance their warmth resistance and sturdiness.
As for the meals safety element, it's far important to apply coatings that comply with guidelines and requirements for food touch substances. The lacquer coating carried out to aluminum stockpots have to be explicitly designed and examined for food protection. Reputable manufacturers commonly adhere to regulatory standards to ensure that their products are safe to be used in touch with food.
When looking for aluminum stockpots or cookware, it is beneficial to search for merchandise that explicitly country their compliance with meals protection regulations. Additionally, some certifications, together with the ones from relevant health and safety agencies, can offer assurance regarding the protection of the coatings used.

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